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Certified Physical Therapist in Riverdale NY

Taking care of yourself is important, especially if you are suffering from some inherent health concern or recovering from a surgery. In order to make sure that you are getting the most out of your treatment or recovery, it is important that you get the best guidance possible. Here at Physical Medicine & Rehab Center, Riverdale physical therapy and related treatments are specifically tailored to meet your needs as precisely as possible. Physical medicine and rehab is also known as physiatry, which is the method we use when it comes to treating our patients.

The branch of medicine that we use here at Physical Medicine & Rehab Center specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of certain disorders. Specifically, our physicians look at issues related to the nerves, muscles and bones because these concerns can be related to temporary or permanent impairment. In order to facilitate complete care, treatment and therapy, it is imperative that the right course of action is taken. Our rehabilitation physicians can provide you with the Riverdale physical therapy that you need in order to heal properly and return to your daily life. Our physicians will do all that they can to aim patient performance. In order to do this, they will examine your condition, listen to what you are experiencing, and use all of that information to inform their diagnosis and proposed treatment. The rehabilitation physicians here at our practice have not only gone to medical school, but have also completed four extra years of residency in a field related to physical medicine and rehabilitation so as to bolster their experience and overall knowledge and know-how.

Rehabilitation physicians are also not just present in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease alone – they also help the patient out other parts of their life back together in order to promote the best outcome possible. This includes medical, social, emotional and vocational aspects and issues as well. All of these aspects will play into your personal Riverdale physical therapy here at Physical Medicine & Rehab Center Bronx. If you are interested in learning exactly what we do here and what we can do for you, please do not hesitate to call or set up an appointment or consultation.

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