Riverdale Knee Pain Treatment

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10471 Knee Pain Treatment

How can we at Physical Medicine & Rehab Center Bronx help you with treating knee pain? There are any number of ways, but in general you can count on our physical therapist to work directly with you in order to achieve goals such as increasing your range of motion; making the knee more flexible; increasing the level of power, endurance, and stability; and strengthening the surrounding muscles. There is no doubt that the knee is a crucial part of your leg, and one particularly susceptible to problems. If you cannot bend your knee or put weight on it without wincing, you need our Riverdale knee pain treatment.

Riverdale Knee Pain Treatment

When you are working with our physical therapist, you will be engaging in challenging exercises, some of which may seem too difficult for you. But be assured, that if we did not consider you ready to do them, you would not be asked to. Our Riverdale knee pain treatment requires that you put in the required effort. And our physical therapist is there to guide, motivate, direct, and assist you tin developing the ideal form for the stretches and exercises. This will give you the maximum benefit, and make certain that you don’t inadvertently set yourself back.

Achieving the results that you want will require a certain degree of discipline. Along the way, it might not always be a bed of roses. You are, however, trading temporary pain for longterm recovery and strength. Our Riverdale knee pain treatment is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor your plan to meet your unique situation, so that it is focusing on your specific needs. This is all part of our strategy to get the best outcome possible for you.

You should also keep in mind that our Riverdale knee pain treatment focuses on physical therapy, not medication. There will be some times when medication may be a good idea as a companion to the effort that you’re putting in. But in the end, drugs do nothing but mask your pain. What you want is to have a stronger, healthier knee again. We want you to be able to function at your optimal level. Let’s reach that goal together.


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