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Licensed Physical Therapist in the Bronx

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Physical therapy office in the Bronx

Licensed physical therapist in the Bronx
Licensed physical therapist in the Bronx

Regardless of your athletic talents, if you have sustained a sports or orthopedic injury you want to go to the experts for physical therapy. Since its inception in the mid-80’s, the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center has been providing its patients with the best possible care of sports, spine, orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions. The PMR Center is a diagnostic and treatment facility, with an emphasis on non-operative treatment including physical therapy, occupational therapy, patient education, and body mechanics. While the majority of conditions are responsive to non-operative therapy, our physicians will readily refer to and work closely with any other specialists or surgeons our patients may require. And if you are suffering from a sports injury and need to find a licensed physical therapist in the Bronx, you want the most compassionate and skilled care you can get. For exceptional personalized care, The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center offers the best treatments possible.

The licensed physical therapist in the Bronx apply their extensive training in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation with its vast range of personal experience in sports participation to manage patients with sports injuries. Physical therapy uses a combination of modalities to target each patient’s specific problem. Epidural steroid injections have been found to be effective to treatment for patients with sports injuries, neck, lower back, arm, and leg pain. The purpose of the epidural injection is to decrease inflammation and provide pain relief, thereby facilitating active therapy. Their primary use is as one component of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes medication, physical therapy, and education in body mechanics. Electro-diagnostic testing provides information about muscles and nerves helping the physician arrive at a diagnosis. Physical therapy is an integral and vital part of rehabilitation after a sports injury. Therapeutic exercise is the use of exercise for stretching muscles and joints, or strengthening muscles to gain increased power, endurance and stabilization. These exercises also maintain strength and prevent further injuries.

The licensed physical therapist in the Bronx employs a multi-disciplinary approach to sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. Our comprehensive pain management service makes us a leading center for pain control. Our expert doctors and therapists will work with you personally to develop a protocol that supports your health care goals and active lifestyle. Call us today and let us work with you to treat your injury and get you back in the game.

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