Back pain treatment in Riverdale

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Back and neck pain are the single leading causes of disability worldwide and is the most common reason most people miss work and school and see their doctors. It is also one of the most costly medical conditions. Though it sounds serious, most cases of back pain are not caused by serious conditions such as infection, fracture or cancer, but rather from poor posture or from using poor body mechanics when working or lifting. Using numerous manual modalities as a pain treatment, the experienced physical therapists at The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center address the source of your pain and provide lower back pain relief. Working in partnership with all their patients, our expert physical therapists will assess the cause of your discomfort and make therapeutic suggestions based upon their findings and your health care goals and lifestyle. We provide back pain treatment in Riverdale using numerous treatment options. Our expert therapists work with you to decide the optimum course of action to treat your back pain.

The back pain treatment in Riverdale also restores strength and function to injured lumbar areas, and offers educational opportunities to help you continue your recovery at home. We have five convenient locations and each office provides the same exceptional, skilled one-to-one care. We are committed to help you achieve a successful rehabilitation. Our expert staff works hard to continue education, offering the latest advances in medical technology and science. Our team of experienced physical therapy professionals can solve even the most complex condition, identifying the underlying cause using the most advanced, scientifically validated, treatment options available. Working together as a team, we provide state of the art care based upon your needs, health care goals, and lifestyle.

After a thorough review of your medical history and comprehensive physical assessment, our physical therapists, along with your vital input, will develop a personalized plan of pain treatment to help you achieve lower back pain relief. Our back pain treatment in Riverdale extends care far beyond your scheduled appointments. Our mission is to get you well and keep you strong and healthy so you can return to an active lifestyle quickly and thoroughly.

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